Redwood Park

    Redwood park is a unique piece of history where you will find numerous species of evergreen trees from around the world, all leading back to the fascinating tale of the lives of two brothers.

    Featuring a collection of over 30 species of exotic trees planted by early settlers David and Peter Brown, Redwood Park contains the largest stand of Giant Redwoods north of the 49th parallel. The deaftwin brothers had been given the land on their 21st birthday by their father, 40 acres each. The land had recently been clear cut and was ready to be seeded as an orchard, instead the twins planted seeds from all over the world to grow both native and non-native trees along with flowers and vegetables. The brothers lived together on the land in a two storey tree house nicknamed the “hotel” which has been rebuilt and remains in the park today. Other tree houses were also used but had burned down over the years. Following the brothers deaths in 1949 and1957, the land was purchased by the city and restored to provide an amazing walk among ‘giants’. Sheltered picnic tables and a children’s playground provide the opportunity for a leisurely lunch break and entertainment for the kids.

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