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Urban Fare & Fine Dining

You’ll get a sense of this region’s agricultural heritage as you sample local food and beverages, fresh from the farm and harbor to your plate. Surrey is a culinary paradise combining west coast flavors with international spices.

World-Class Urban Adventures

Surrey is very multicultural and increasingly cosmopolitan, with all of the conveniences and activities you would expect from a big city on the Pacific Rim.

Get Back To Nature

If you’re visiting Surrey for the first time, you’ll be amazed at what you can find. You’ve got immediate access to nature in all its glory – conveniently just minutes away from the attractions and culture of the big city.

Surrey, BC.
Fun For Your Whole Family!

Whether you’re just in town for a few days or staying longer to check out all that British Columbia has to offer, you’ll enjoy your stay in Surrey. From water parks to culinary adventures, there are unforgettable experiences just around the corner.

Surrey, BC.
You Just Have To Be Here

The whole world is coming to British Columbia – and Surrey is a major city at the heart of where you want to be. Wherever you’re staying in Surrey, you’re just minutes from eco-adventures, shopping, fine dining and the Metro Vancouver region.

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